Package akka.event

Interface LoggingBus

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    ActorEventBus, EventBus
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    public interface LoggingBus
    extends ActorEventBus
    This trait brings log level handling to the EventStream: it reads the log levels for the initial logging (StandardOutLogger) and the loggers & level for after-init logging, possibly keeping the StandardOutLogger enabled if it is part of the configured loggers. All configured loggers are treated as system services and managed by this trait, i.e. subscribed/unsubscribed in response to changes of LoggingBus.logLevel.
    • Method Detail

      • addLogger

        ActorRef addLogger​( system,
                           java.lang.Class<? extends Actor> clazz,
                           Logging.LogLevel level,
                           java.lang.String logName)
      • logLevel

        Logging.LogLevel logLevel()
        Query currently set log level. See object Logging for more information.
      • loggers_$eq

        void loggers_$eq​(scala.collection.immutable.Seq<ActorRef> x$1)
      • setLogLevel

        void setLogLevel​(Logging.LogLevel level)
        Change log level: default loggers (i.e. from configuration file) are subscribed/unsubscribed as necessary so that they listen to all levels which are at least as severe as the given one. See object Logging for more information.

        NOTE: if the StandardOutLogger is configured also as normal logger, it will not participate in the automatic management of log level subscriptions!

      • startDefaultLoggers

        void startDefaultLoggers​( system)
        Internal Akka use only
      • stopDefaultLoggers

        void stopDefaultLoggers​(ActorSystem system)