Interface Topic.TopicStats

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    public static interface Topic.TopicStats
    Response to the GetTopicStats query.

    Note that this is a snapshot of the state at one point in time, that there was subscribers at that time does not guarantee there is once this response arrives. The information cannot be used to achieve delivery guarantees, but can be useful in for example tests, to observe a subscription completed before publishing messages.

    Not for user extension.

    • Method Detail

      • localSubscriberCount

        int localSubscriberCount()
        The number of local subscribers subscribing to this topic actor instance when the request was handled
      • topicInstanceCount

        int topicInstanceCount()
        The number of known other topic actor instances for the topic (locally and across the cluster), that has at least one subscriber. A topic only be counted towards this sum once it has at least one subscriber and when the last local subscriber unsubscribes it will be subtracted from this sum (the value is eventually consistent).