Class ActorLogMarker

  • public class ActorLogMarker
    extends java.lang.Object
    This is public with the purpose to document the used markers and properties of log events. No guarantee that it will remain binary compatible, but the marker names and properties are considered public API and will not be changed without notice.
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      static LogMarker deadLetter​(java.lang.String messageClass)
      Marker "akkaDeadLetter" of log event for dead letter messages.
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      • ActorLogMarker

        public ActorLogMarker()
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      • deadLetter

        public static LogMarker deadLetter​(java.lang.String messageClass)
        Marker "akkaDeadLetter" of log event for dead letter messages.

        messageClass - The message class of the DeadLetter. Included as property "akkaMessageClass".