Interface InboundCompressions

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    public interface InboundCompressions
    INTERNAL API Decompress and cause compression advertisements.

    One per inbound message stream thus must demux by originUid to use the right tables.

    • Method Detail

      • close

        void close​(long originUid)
        Remove compression and cancel advertisement scheduling for a specific origin
      • confirmActorRefCompressionAdvertisement

        void confirmActorRefCompressionAdvertisement​(long originUid,
                                                     byte tableVersion)
      • confirmClassManifestCompressionAdvertisement

        void confirmClassManifestCompressionAdvertisement​(long originUid,
                                                          byte tableVersion)
      • currentOriginUids

        scala.collection.immutable.Set<java.lang.Object> currentOriginUids()
      • decompressActorRef

        <any> decompressActorRef​(long originUid,
                                 byte tableVersion,
                                 int idx)
      • decompressClassManifest

        <any> decompressClassManifest​(long originUid,
                                      byte tableVersion,
                                      int idx)
      • hitActorRef

        void hitActorRef​(long originUid,
                         Address remote,
                         ActorRef ref,
                         int n)
      • hitClassManifest

        void hitClassManifest​(long originUid,
                              Address remote,
                              java.lang.String manifest,
                              int n)
      • runNextActorRefAdvertisement

        void runNextActorRefAdvertisement()
        Triggers compression advertisement via control message.
      • runNextClassManifestAdvertisement

        void runNextClassManifestAdvertisement()
        Triggers compression advertisement via control message.