Package akka.dispatch

Class Filter

  • public class Filter
    extends java.lang.Object
    Java API (not recommended): Callback for the Future.filter operation that creates a new Future which will conditionally contain the success of another Future.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to express the type of a Scala filter in Java: Function1[T, Boolean], where “Boolean” is the primitive type. It is possible to use Future.filter by constructing such a function indirectly:

     import static akka.dispatch.Filter.filterOf;
     Future<String> f = ...;
     f.filter(filterOf(new Function<String, Boolean>() {
       public Boolean apply(String s) {

    However, Future.filter exists mainly to support Scala&rsquo;s for-comprehensions, thus Java users should prefer, translating non-matching values to failure cases.

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      static <T> scala.Function1<T,​java.lang.Object> filterOf​(Function<T,​java.lang.Boolean> f)  
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      • Filter

        public Filter()
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        public static <T> scala.Function1<T,​java.lang.Object> filterOf​(Function<T,​java.lang.Boolean> f)