Class DurableStore

  • public class DurableStore
    extends java.lang.Object
    An actor implementing the durable store for the Distributed Data Replicator has to implement the protocol with the messages defined here.

    At startup the Replicator creates the durable store actor and sends the Load message to it. It must then reply with 0 or more LoadData messages followed by one LoadAllCompleted message to the sender (the Replicator).

    If the LoadAll fails it can throw LoadFailed and the Replicator supervisor will stop itself and the durable store.

    When the Replicator needs to store a value it sends a Store message to the durable store actor, which must then reply with the successMsg or failureMsg to the replyTo.

    When entries have expired the Replicator sends a Expire message to the durable store actor, which can delete the entries from the backend store.

    • Constructor Detail

      • DurableStore

        public DurableStore()