Interface DnsProvider

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    public interface DnsProvider
    Overriding the DNS implementation will be removed in future versions of Akka. Since 2.6.0.
    Where as it is possible to plug in alternative DNS implementations it is not recommended.

    It is expected that this will be deprecated/removed in future Akka versions

    TODO make private and remove deprecated in 2.7.0

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      • cache

        Dns cache()
        Cache implementation that can be accessed via Dns(system) to avoid asks to the resolver actors. It is not recommended to override the default SimpleDnsCache
      • managerClass

        java.lang.Class<? extends Actor> managerClass()
        DNS manager class. Is responsible for creating resolvers and doing any cache cleanup. The DNS extension will create one of these Actors. It should have a ctr that accepts a DnsExt