Interface HasStorage<P,​R>

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    PersistenceTestKit, SnapshotTestKit

    public interface HasStorage<P,​R>
    Abstract persistent storage for tests. Has additional methods for keeping track of the indexes of last events persisted in the storage during test.
    • Method Detail

      • addToIndex

        void addToIndex​(java.lang.String persistenceId,
                        int add)
      • clearIndexStorage

        void clearIndexStorage()
      • nextIndex

        int nextIndex​(java.lang.String persistenceId)
      • nextIndexByPersistenceId_$eq

        void nextIndexByPersistenceId_$eq​(scala.collection.immutable.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> x$1)
      • removeLastIndex

        void removeLastIndex​(java.lang.String persistenceId)
      • setIndex

        void setIndex​(java.lang.String persistenceId,
                      int index)