Class PersistentFSM.$minus$greater$

  • Enclosing interface:
    PersistentFSM<S extends PersistentFSM.FSMState,​D,​E>

    public static class PersistentFSM.$minus$greater$
    extends java.lang.Object
    This extractor is just convenience for matching a (S, S) pair, including a reminder what the new state is.
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      <S> scala.Some<scala.Tuple2<S,​S>> unapply​(scala.Tuple2<S,​S> in)  
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      • $minus$greater$

        public $minus$greater$()
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      • unapply

        public <S> scala.Some<scala.Tuple2<S,​S>> unapply​(scala.Tuple2<S,​S> in)