Package akka.event

Interface ManagedActorClassification

  • public interface ManagedActorClassification
    Maps ActorRefs to ActorRefs to form an EventBus where ActorRefs can listen to other ActorRefs.

    All subscribers will be watched by an akka.event.ActorClassificationUnsubscriber and unsubscribed when they terminate. The unsubscriber actor will not be stopped automatically, and if you want to stop using the bus you should stop it yourself.

    • Method Detail

      • dissociate

        void dissociate​(ActorRef actor)
      • mapSize

        int mapSize()
        This is a size hint for the number of Classifiers you expect to have (use powers of 2)
      • registerWithUnsubscriber

        boolean registerWithUnsubscriber​(ActorRef subscriber,
                                         int seqNr)
      • unregisterFromUnsubscriber

        boolean unregisterFromUnsubscriber​(ActorRef subscriber,
                                           int seqNr)
      • unsubscribe

        void unsubscribe​(ActorRef subscriber)
      • unsubscriber

        ActorRef unsubscriber()
        The unsubscriber takes care of unsubscribing actors, which have terminated.