Package akka.event

Interface EventBus

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    ActorEventBus, LoggingBus
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    public interface EventBus
    Represents the base type for EventBuses Internally has an Event type, a Classifier type and a Subscriber type

    For the Java API, see akka.event.japi.*

    • Method Detail

      • publish

        void publish​(EventBus event)
        Publishes the specified Event to this bus
      • unsubscribe

        boolean unsubscribe​(EventBus subscriber,
                            EventBus from)
        Attempts to deregister the subscriber from the specified Classifier
        true if successful and false if not (because it wasn't subscribed to that Classifier, or otherwise)
      • unsubscribe

        void unsubscribe​(EventBus subscriber)
        Attempts to deregister the subscriber from all Classifiers it may be subscribed to