Class HashCodeNoEnvelopeMessageExtractor<M>

  • Type Parameters:
    M - The type of message accepted by the entity actor

    public abstract class HashCodeNoEnvelopeMessageExtractor<M>
    extends ShardingMessageExtractor<M,​M>
    Default message extractor type, using a property of the message to identify what entity a message is for and the hashcode of the entityId to decide which shard an entity belongs to.

    This is recommended since it does not force details about sharding into the entity protocol

    • Constructor Detail

      • HashCodeNoEnvelopeMessageExtractor

        public HashCodeNoEnvelopeMessageExtractor​(int numberOfShards)
    • Method Detail

      • numberOfShards

        public int numberOfShards()
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object
      • unwrapMessage

        public final M unwrapMessage​(M message)
        Description copied from class: ShardingMessageExtractor
        Extract the message to send to the entity from an incoming message. Note that the extracted message does not have to be the same as the incoming message to support wrapping in message envelope that is unwrapped before sending to the entity actor.
        Specified by:
        unwrapMessage in class ShardingMessageExtractor<M,​M>