Package akka.cluster

Class JoinConfigCompatCheckCluster

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      • JoinConfigCompatCheckCluster

        public JoinConfigCompatCheckCluster()
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      • check

        public ConfigValidation check​(com.typesafe.config.Config toCheck,
                                      com.typesafe.config.Config actualConfig)
        Description copied from class: JoinConfigCompatChecker
        Runs the Config check.

        Implementers are free to define what makes Config entry compatible or not. We do provide some pre-build checks tough: JoinConfigCompatChecker.exists and JoinConfigCompatChecker.fullMatch

        Specified by:
        check in class JoinConfigCompatChecker
        toCheck - - the Config instance to be checked
        actualConfig - - the Config instance containing the actual values
        a ConfigValidation. Can be Valid or Invalid, the later must contain a descriptive list of error messages.