Class Terminated

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    public class Terminated
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Signal
    Lifecycle signal that is fired when an Actor that was watched has terminated. Watching is performed by invoking the The DeathWatch service is idempotent, meaning that registering twice has the same effect as registering once. Registration does not need to happen before the Actor terminates, a notification is guaranteed to arrive after both registration and termination have occurred. This message is also sent when the watched actor is on a node that has been removed from the cluster when using Akka Cluster.

    param: ref Scala API: the ActorRef for the terminated actor

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      • Terminated

        public Terminated​(ActorRef<scala.runtime.Nothing$> ref)
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      • unapply

        public static scala.Option<ActorRef<scala.runtime.Nothing$>> unapply​(Terminated t)
      • ref

        public ActorRef<scala.runtime.Nothing$> ref()
      • getRef

        public ActorRef<java.lang.Void> getRef()
        Java API: The actor that was watched and got terminated
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