Class SpawnProtocol

  • public class SpawnProtocol
    extends java.lang.Object
    A message protocol for actors that support spawning a child actor when receiving a SpawnProtocol#Spawn message and sending back the ActorRef of the child actor. Create instances through the apply() or create() factory methods.

    The typical usage of this is to use it as the guardian actor of the ActorSystem, possibly combined with Behaviors.setup to starts some initial tasks or actors. Child actors can then be started from the outside by telling or asking SpawnProtocol#Spawn to the actor reference of the system. When using ask this is similar to how ActorRefFactory.actorOf( can be used in classic actors with the difference that a Future / CompletionStage of the ActorRef is returned.

    Stopping children is done through specific support in the protocol of the children, or stopping the entire spawn protocol actor.

    • Nested Class Summary

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      Modifier and Type Class Description
      static interface  SpawnProtocol.Command
      Not for user extension
      static class  SpawnProtocol.Spawn<T>
      Spawn a child actor with the given behavior and send back the ActorRef of that child to the given replyTo destination.
      static class  SpawnProtocol.Spawn$  
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      • SpawnProtocol

        public SpawnProtocol()