Interface TestInbox<T>

  • public interface TestInbox<T>
    Utility for use as an ActorRef when *synchronously* testing Behavior with BehaviorTestKit.

    If you plan to use a real ActorSystem then use TestProbe for asynchronous testing.

    Use factory apply in companion to create instances

    Not for user extension

    • Method Detail

      • ref

        ActorRef<T> ref()
        The actor ref of the inbox
      • receiveMessage

        T receiveMessage()
        Get and remove the oldest message
      • expectMessage

        TestInbox<T> expectMessage​(T expectedMessage)
        Assert and remove the the oldest message.
      • receiveAll

        scala.collection.immutable.Seq<T> receiveAll()
        Collect all messages in the inbox and clear it out
      • internalReceiveAll

        scala.collection.immutable.Seq<T> internalReceiveAll()
      • hasMessages

        boolean hasMessages()