Class LogCapturing

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    public final class LogCapturing
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.junit.rules.TestRule
    JUnit TestRule to make log lines appear only when the test failed.

    Use this in test by adding a public field annotated with @TestRule:

       @Rule public final LogCapturing logCapturing = new LogCapturing();

    Requires Logback and configuration like the following the logback-test.xml:

         <appender name="CapturingAppender" class="" />
         <logger name="" >
           <appender-ref ref="STDOUT"/>
         <root level="DEBUG">
             <appender-ref ref="CapturingAppender"/>
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      org.junit.runners.model.Statement apply​(org.junit.runners.model.Statement base, org.junit.runner.Description description)  
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      • LogCapturing

        public LogCapturing()
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        public org.junit.runners.model.Statement apply​(org.junit.runners.model.Statement base,
                                                       org.junit.runner.Description description)
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        apply in interface org.junit.rules.TestRule