Interface EventsByPersistenceIdQuery

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    public interface EventsByPersistenceIdQuery
    extends ReadJournal
    A plugin may optionally support this query by implementing this trait.
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        Source<EventEnvelope,​NotUsed> eventsByPersistenceId​(java.lang.String persistenceId,
                                                                  long fromSequenceNr,
                                                                  long toSequenceNr)
        Query events for a specific PersistentActor identified by persistenceId.

        You can retrieve a subset of all events by specifying fromSequenceNr and toSequenceNr or use 0L and Long.MaxValue respectively to retrieve all events. The query will return all the events inclusive of the fromSequenceNr and toSequenceNr values.

        The returned event stream should be ordered by sequence number.

        The stream is not completed when it reaches the end of the currently stored events, but it continues to push new events when new events are persisted. Corresponding query that is completed when it reaches the end of the currently stored events is provided by CurrentEventsByPersistenceIdQuery.currentEventsByPersistenceId(java.lang.String, long, long).