Interface Function22<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10,​T11,​T12,​T13,​T14,​T15,​T16,​T17,​T18,​T19,​T20,​T21,​T22,​R>

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    public interface Function22<T1,​T2,​T3,​T4,​T5,​T6,​T7,​T8,​T9,​T10,​T11,​T12,​T13,​T14,​T15,​T16,​T17,​T18,​T19,​T20,​T21,​T22,​R>
    A Function interface. Used to create 22-arg first-class-functions is Java. Serializable is needed to be able to grab line number for Java 8 lambdas.
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        R apply​(T1 arg1,
                T2 arg2,
                T3 arg3,
                T4 arg4,
                T5 arg5,
                T6 arg6,
                T7 arg7,
                T8 arg8,
                T9 arg9,
                T10 arg10,
                T11 arg11,
                T12 arg12,
                T13 arg13,
                T14 arg14,
                T15 arg15,
                T16 arg16,
                T17 arg17,
                T18 arg18,
                T19 arg19,
                T20 arg20,
                T21 arg21,
                T22 arg22)
         throws java.lang.Exception