Class SystemLoadAverageMetricsSelector

  • public class SystemLoadAverageMetricsSelector
    extends java.lang.Object
    MetricsSelector that uses the system load average metrics. System load average is OS-specific average load on the CPUs in the system, for the past 1 minute. The system is possibly nearing a bottleneck if the system load average is nearing number of cpus/cores. Low load average capacity => small weight.
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      • SystemLoadAverageMetricsSelector

        public SystemLoadAverageMetricsSelector()
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      • capacity

        public static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> capacity​(scala.collection.immutable.Set<NodeMetrics> nodeMetrics)
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        public static java.lang.String productPrefix()
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        public static int productArity()
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        public static java.lang.Object productElement​(int x$1)
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        public static scala.collection.Iterator<java.lang.Object> productIterator()
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        public static boolean canEqual​(java.lang.Object x$1)
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        public static int hashCode()
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        public static java.lang.String toString()
      • weights

        public static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> weights​(scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> capacity)
      • weights

        public static scala.collection.immutable.Map<Address,​java.lang.Object> weights​(scala.collection.immutable.Set<NodeMetrics> nodeMetrics)
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        public abstract static boolean equals​(java.lang.Object that)
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        public static java.lang.String productElementName​(int n)
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        public static scala.collection.Iterator<java.lang.String> productElementNames()