Class ArterySettings

  • public final class ArterySettings
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArterySettings

        public ArterySettings()
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        public static ArterySettings apply​(com.typesafe.config.Config config)
      • getHostname

        public static java.lang.String getHostname​(java.lang.String key,
                                                   com.typesafe.config.Config config)
      • Bind

        public ArterySettings.Bind$ Bind()
        Accessor for nested Scala object
      • withDisabledCompression

        public ArterySettings withDisabledCompression()
      • Enabled

        public boolean Enabled()
      • SSLEngineProviderClassName

        public java.lang.String SSLEngineProviderClassName()
      • UntrustedMode

        public boolean UntrustedMode()
      • TrustedSelectionPaths

        public scala.collection.immutable.Set<java.lang.String> TrustedSelectionPaths()
      • LogReceive

        public boolean LogReceive()
      • LogSend

        public boolean LogSend()
      • Version

        public byte Version()
        Used version of the header format for outbound messages. To support rolling upgrades this may be a lower version than ArteryTransport.HighestVersion, which is the highest supported version on receiving (decoding) side.