Package akka.remote

Class RemoteActorRef

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      • $bang

        public void $bang​(java.lang.Object message,
                          ActorRef sender)
        Description copied from interface: ScalaActorRef
        Sends a one-way asynchronous message. E.g. fire-and-forget semantics.

        If invoked from within an actor then the actor reference is implicitly passed on as the implicit 'sender' argument.

        This actor 'sender' reference is then available in the receiving actor in the 'sender()' member variable, if invoked from within an Actor. If not then no sender is available.

           actor ! message

        Specified by:
        $bang in interface ScalaActorRef
      • cachedAssociation

        public Association cachedAssociation()
      • cachedAssociation_$eq

        public void cachedAssociation_$eq​(Association x$1)
      • cachedSendQueueIndex

        public int cachedSendQueueIndex()
      • cachedSendQueueIndex_$eq

        public void cachedSendQueueIndex_$eq​(int x$1)
      • getChild

        public InternalActorRef getChild​(scala.collection.Iterator<java.lang.String> name)
        Description copied from class: InternalActorRef
        Obtain ActorRef by possibly traversing the actor tree or looking it up at some provider-specific location. This method shall return the end result, i.e. not only the next step in the look-up; this will typically involve recursive invocation. A path element of ".." signifies the parent, a trailing "" element must be disregarded. If the requested path does not exist, return Nobody.
        Specified by:
        getChild in class InternalActorRef
      • isTerminated

        public boolean isTerminated()
        Use and receive Terminated(actor). Since 2.2.
        Description copied from class: InternalActorRef
        INTERNAL API: Returns &ldquo;true&rdquo; if the actor is locally known to be terminated, &ldquo;false&rdquo; if alive or uncertain.
        Specified by:
        isTerminated in class InternalActorRef
      • isWatchIntercepted

        public boolean isWatchIntercepted​(ActorRef watchee,
                                          ActorRef watcher)
        Determine if a watch/unwatch message must be handled by the remoteWatcher actor, or sent to this remote ref
      • localAddressToUse

        public Address localAddressToUse()
      • path

        public ActorPath path()
        Description copied from class: ActorRef
        Returns the path for this actor (from this actor up to the root actor).
        Specified by:
        path in class ActorRef
      • resume

        public void resume​(java.lang.Throwable causedByFailure)
        Specified by:
        resume in class InternalActorRef