Class DnsExt

    • Constructor Detail

      • DnsExt

        public DnsExt​(ExtendedActorSystem system,
                      java.lang.String resolverName,
                      java.lang.String managerName)
      • DnsExt

        public DnsExt​(ExtendedActorSystem system)

        Use IO(DNS) or Dns(system). Do not instantiate directly

        For binary compat as DnsExt constructor didn't used to have internal API on

    • Method Detail

      • cache

        public Dns cache()
      • getResolver

        public ActorRef getResolver()
      • loadAsyncDns

        public ActorRef loadAsyncDns​(java.lang.String managerName)

        Load an additional async-dns resolver. Can be used to use async-dns even if inet-resolver is the configured default. Intentionally chosen not to support loading an arbitrary resolver as it required a specific constructor for the manager actor. The expected constructor for DNS plugins is just to take in a DnsExt which can't be used in this case