Class TestAppender$

  • public class TestAppender$
    extends java.lang.Object

    The TestAppender emits the logging events to the registered LoggingTestKitImpl, which are added and removed to the appender dynamically from tests.

    TestAppender is currently requiring Logback as SLF4J implementation. Similar can probably be implemented with other backends, such as Log4j2.

    • Field Detail

      • MODULE$

        public static final TestAppender$ MODULE$
        Static reference to the singleton instance of this Scala object.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TestAppender$

        public TestAppender$()
    • Method Detail

      • setupTestAppender

        public void setupTestAppender​(java.lang.String loggerName)
      • addFilter

        public void addFilter​(java.lang.String loggerName,
                              LoggingTestKitImpl filter)
      • removeFilter

        public void removeFilter​(java.lang.String loggerName,
                                 LoggingTestKitImpl filter)