Class TypedActorExtension

    • Method Detail

      • DefaultReturnTimeout

        public final Timeout DefaultReturnTimeout()
        Default timeout for typed actor methods with non-void return type
      • createActorRefProxy

        public <R,​T extends R> R createActorRefProxy​(TypedProps<T> props,
                                                           java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReference<R> proxyVar,
                                                           scala.Function0<ActorRef> actorRef)
      • getActorRefFor

        public ActorRef getActorRefFor​(java.lang.Object proxy)
        Retrieves the underlying ActorRef for the supplied TypedActor proxy, or null if none found
        Specified by:
        getActorRefFor in interface TypedActorFactory
      • isTypedActor

        public boolean isTypedActor​(java.lang.Object proxyOrNot)
        Returns whether the supplied AnyRef is a TypedActor proxy or not
        Specified by:
        isTypedActor in interface TypedActorFactory