Class BehaviorImpl.ReceiveMessageBehavior<T>

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      • ReceiveMessageBehavior

        public ReceiveMessageBehavior​(scala.Function1<T,​Behavior<T>> onMessage,
                                      scala.PartialFunction<scala.Tuple2<ActorContext<T>,​Signal>,​Behavior<T>> onSignal)
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      • onMessage

        public scala.Function1<T,​Behavior<T>> onMessage()
      • receiveSignal

        public Behavior<T> receiveSignal​(TypedActorContext<T> ctx,
                                         Signal msg)
        Description copied from class: ExtensibleBehavior
        Process an incoming Signal and return the next behavior. This means that all lifecycle hooks, ReceiveTimeout, Terminated and Failed messages can initiate a behavior change.

        The returned behavior can in addition to normal behaviors be one of the canned special objects:

        * returning stopped will terminate this Behavior * returning same designates to reuse the current Behavior * returning unhandled keeps the same Behavior and signals that the message was not yet handled

        Code calling this method should use Behavior$ canonicalize to replace the special objects with real Behaviors.

        Specified by:
        receiveSignal in class ExtensibleBehavior<T>
        ctx - (undocumented)
        msg - (undocumented)
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