Class LogOptions

  • public abstract class LogOptions
    extends java.lang.Object
    Logging options when using Behaviors.logMessages.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LogOptions

        public LogOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        public static LogOptions apply()
        Scala API: Create a new log options with defaults.
      • create

        public static LogOptions create()
        Java API: Create a new log options.
      • withEnabled

        public abstract LogOptions withEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        User control whether messages are logged or not. This is useful when you want to have an application configuration to control when to log messages.
      • withLevel

        public abstract LogOptions withLevel​(org.slf4j.event.Level level)
        The Logging.LogLevel to use when logging messages.
      • withLogger

        public abstract LogOptions withLogger​(org.slf4j.Logger logger)
        A Logger to use when logging messages.
      • enabled

        public abstract boolean enabled()
      • level

        public abstract org.slf4j.event.Level level()
      • logger

        public abstract scala.Option<org.slf4j.Logger> logger()
      • getLogger

        public abstract java.util.Optional<org.slf4j.Logger> getLogger()
        Java API