Package akka.testkit

Class CallingThreadMailbox

    • Constructor Detail

      • CallingThreadMailbox

        public CallingThreadMailbox​(Cell _receiver,
                                    MailboxType mailboxType)
    • Method Detail

      • cleanUp

        public void cleanUp()
        Description copied from class: Mailbox
        Overridable callback to clean up the mailbox, called when an actor is unregistered. By default it dequeues all system messages + messages and ships them to the owning actors' systems' DeadLetterMailbox
        cleanUp in class Mailbox
      • ctdLock

        public java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock ctdLock()
      • dequeue

        public Envelope dequeue()
        Description copied from class: Mailbox
        Try to dequeue the next message from this queue, return null failing that.
        dequeue in class Mailbox
      • enqueue

        public void enqueue​(ActorRef receiver,
                            Envelope msg)
        Description copied from class: Mailbox
        Try to enqueue the message to this queue, or throw an exception.
        enqueue in class Mailbox
      • hasMessages

        public boolean hasMessages()
        Description copied from class: Mailbox
        Indicates whether this queue is non-empty.
        hasMessages in class Mailbox
      • messageQueue

        public MessageQueue messageQueue()
        This is only a marker to be put in the messageQueue’s stead to make error messages pertaining to violated mailbox type requirements less cryptic.
        messageQueue in class Mailbox
      • numberOfMessages

        public int numberOfMessages()
        Description copied from class: Mailbox
        Should return the current number of messages held in this queue; may always return 0 if no other value is available efficiently. Do not use this for testing for presence of messages, use hasMessages instead.
        numberOfMessages in class Mailbox
      • suspendSwitch

        public Switch suspendSwitch()