Class GraphDSL$

    • Field Detail

      • MODULE$

        public static final GraphDSL$ MODULE$
        Static reference to the singleton instance of this Scala object.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GraphDSL$

        public GraphDSL$()
    • Method Detail

      • builder

        public <M> GraphDSL.Builder<M> builder()
        Start building a GraphDSL.

        The Builder is mutable and not thread-safe, thus you should construct your Graph and then share the constructed immutable GraphDSL.

      • create

        public <IS extends Shape,​S extends Shape,​M,​G extends Graph<IS,​M>> Graph<S,​java.util.List<M>> create​(java.util.List<G> graphs,
                                                                                                                                          Function2<GraphDSL.Builder<java.util.List<M>>,​java.util.List<IS>,​S> buildBlock)
        Creates a new Graph by importing the given graph list graphs and passing their Shapes along with the GraphDSL.Builder to the given create function.