Class PublisherSink<In>

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    Graph<SinkShape<In>,​org.reactivestreams.Publisher<In>>, StreamLayout.AtomicModule<SinkShape<In>,​org.reactivestreams.Publisher<In>>

    public class PublisherSink<In>
    extends SinkModule<In,​org.reactivestreams.Publisher<In>>
    INTERNAL API Holds the downstream-most Publisher interface of the materialized flow. The stream will not have any subscribers attached at this point, which means that after prefetching elements to fill the internal buffers it will assert back-pressure until a subscriber connects and creates demand for elements to be emitted.
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      • create

        public scala.Tuple2<java.lang.Object,​org.reactivestreams.Publisher<In>> create​(MaterializationContext context)
        Description copied from class: SinkModule
        Create the Subscriber or VirtualPublisher that consumes the incoming stream, plus the materialized value. Since Subscriber and VirtualPublisher do not share a common supertype apart from AnyRef this is what the type union devolves into; unfortunately we do not have union types at our disposal at this point.
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        create in class SinkModule<In,​org.reactivestreams.Publisher<In>>