Class ConductorHandler

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    public class ConductorHandler
    This handler is installed at the end of the controller’s netty pipeline. Its only purpose is to dispatch incoming messages to the right ServerFSM actor. There is one shared instance of this class for all connections accepted by one Controller.


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      void channelConnected​( ctx, event)  
      void channelDisconnected​( ctx, event)  
      java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap<,​ActorRef> clients()  
      Timeout createTimeout()  
      void messageReceived​( ctx, event)  
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      • channelConnected

        public void channelConnected​( ctx,
        channelConnected in class
      • channelDisconnected

        public void channelDisconnected​( ctx,
        channelDisconnected in class
      • clients

        public java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap<,​ActorRef> clients()
      • createTimeout

        public Timeout createTimeout()
      • messageReceived

        public void messageReceived​( ctx,
        messageReceived in class