Class DaemonMsgCreateSerializer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BaseSerializer, Serializer

    public final class DaemonMsgCreateSerializer
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements BaseSerializer
    Serializes Akka's internal DaemonMsgCreate using protobuf for the core structure of DaemonMsgCreate, Props and Deploy. Serialization of contained RouterConfig, Config, and Scope is done with configured serializer for those classes.


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      • fromBinary

        public java.lang.Object fromBinary​(byte[] bytes,
                                           scala.Option<java.lang.Class<?>> clazz)
        Description copied from interface: Serializer
        Produces an object from an array of bytes, with an optional type-hint; the class should be loaded using ActorSystem.dynamicAccess.
        Specified by:
        fromBinary in interface Serializer
      • identifier

        public int identifier()
        Description copied from interface: BaseSerializer
        Globally unique serialization identifier configured in the reference.conf.

        See Serializer.identifier.

        Specified by:
        identifier in interface BaseSerializer
        Specified by:
        identifier in interface Serializer
      • includeManifest

        public boolean includeManifest()
        Description copied from interface: Serializer
        Returns whether this serializer needs a manifest in the fromBinary method
        Specified by:
        includeManifest in interface Serializer
      • toBinary

        public byte[] toBinary​(java.lang.Object obj)
        Description copied from interface: Serializer
        Serializes the given object into an Array of Byte
        Specified by:
        toBinary in interface Serializer