Class SharedTestState

  • public class SharedTestState
    extends java.lang.Object
    INTERNAL API: Thread safe mutable state that is shared among the test operators.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SharedTestState

        public SharedTestState()
    • Method Detail

      • anyBlackholePresent

        public boolean anyBlackholePresent()
      • failInboundStreamOnce

        public final void failInboundStreamOnce​(java.lang.Throwable ex)
        Cause the inbound stream to fail with the given exception. Can be used to test inbound stream restart / recovery.
      • getInboundFailureOnce

        public final scala.Option<java.lang.Throwable> getInboundFailureOnce()
        Get the exception to fail the inbound stream with and immediately reset the state to not-failed. This is used to simulate a single failure on the stream, where a successful restart recovers operations.
      • isBlackhole

        public boolean isBlackhole​(Address from,
                                   Address to)