Class ExtendedActorSystem

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ActorRefFactory, ClassicActorSystemProvider
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public abstract class ExtendedActorSystem
    extends ActorSystem
    More powerful interface to the actor system’s implementation which is presented to extensions (see Extension).

    Important Notice:

    This class is not meant to be extended by user code. If you want to actually roll your own Akka, beware that you are completely on your own in that case!

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExtendedActorSystem

        public ExtendedActorSystem()
    • Method Detail

      • dynamicAccess

        public abstract DynamicAccess dynamicAccess()
        ClassLoader wrapper which is used for reflective accesses internally. This is set to use the context class loader, if one is set, or the class loader which loaded the ActorSystem implementation. The context class loader is also set on all threads created by the ActorSystem, if one was set during creation.
      • finalTerminate

        public abstract void finalTerminate()
        INTERNAL API: final step of terminate()
      • guardian

        public abstract InternalActorRef guardian()
        The top-level supervisor of all actors created using system.actorOf(...).
      • isTerminating

        public abstract boolean isTerminating()
      • logFilter

        public abstract LoggingFilter logFilter()
        Filter of log events that is used by the LoggingAdapter before publishing log events to the eventStream
      • printTree

        public abstract java.lang.String printTree()
        For debugging: traverse actor hierarchy and make string representation. Careful, this may OOM on large actor systems, and it is only meant for helping debugging in case something already went terminally wrong.
      • provider

        public abstract ActorRefProvider provider()
        The ActorRefProvider is the only entity which creates all actor references within this actor system.
      • systemActorOf

        public abstract ActorRef systemActorOf​(Props props,
                                               java.lang.String name)
        Create an actor in the "/system" namespace. This actor will be shut down during system.terminate only after all user actors have terminated.

        This is only intended to be used by libraries (and Akka itself). Applications should use ordinary actorOf.

      • systemGuardian

        public abstract InternalActorRef systemGuardian()
        The top-level supervisor of all system-internal services like logging.
      • threadFactory

        public abstract java.util.concurrent.ThreadFactory threadFactory()
        A ThreadFactory that can be used if the transport needs to create any Threads