Class PeerSubjectVerifier

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    public final class PeerSubjectVerifier
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements SessionVerifier
    This is a TLS session verifier that checks the peer has a subject name that matches the subject name of the given certificate. This can be useful to prevent accidentally connecting with other nodes that have certificates that, while being signed by the same certificate authority, belong to different clusters.


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      PeerSubjectVerifier​( peerCertificate)  
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      scala.Option<java.lang.Throwable> verifyClientSession​(java.lang.String hostname, session)  
      scala.Option<java.lang.Throwable> verifyServerSession​(java.lang.String hostname, session)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • PeerSubjectVerifier

        public PeerSubjectVerifier​( peerCertificate)
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      • verifyClientSession

        public scala.Option<java.lang.Throwable> verifyClientSession​(java.lang.String hostname,
        Specified by:
        verifyClientSession in interface SessionVerifier
      • verifyServerSession

        public scala.Option<java.lang.Throwable> verifyServerSession​(java.lang.String hostname,
        Specified by:
        verifyServerSession in interface SessionVerifier