Class AkkaProtocolHandle

    • Method Detail

      • disassociate

        public void disassociate()
        Description copied from interface: AssociationHandle
        Closes the underlying transport link, if needed. Some transports might not need an explicit teardown (UDP) and some transports may not support it (hardware connections). Remote endpoint of the channel or connection MAY be notified, but this is not guaranteed. The Transport that provides the handle MUST guarantee that disassociate() could be called arbitrarily many times.

      • readHandlerPromise

        public scala.concurrent.Promise<AssociationHandle.HandleEventListener> readHandlerPromise()
        Description copied from interface: AssociationHandle
        The Promise returned by this call must be completed with an AssociationHandle.HandleEventListener to register a listener responsible for handling incoming payload. Until the listener is not registered the transport SHOULD buffer incoming messages.

        Promise that must be completed with the listener responsible for handling incoming data.
      • write

        public boolean write​(ByteString payload)
        Description copied from interface: AssociationHandle
        Asynchronously sends the specified payload to the remote endpoint. This method MUST be thread-safe as it might be called from different threads. This method MUST NOT block.

        Writes guarantee ordering of messages, but not their reception. The call to write returns with a Boolean indicating if the channel was ready for writes or not. A return value of false indicates that the channel is not yet ready for delivery (e.g.: the write buffer is full) and the sender needs to wait until the channel becomes ready again. Returning false also means that the current write was dropped (this MUST be guaranteed to ensure duplication-free delivery).

        payload - The payload to be delivered to the remote endpoint.
        Boolean indicating the availability of the association for subsequent writes.