Interface StashManagement<C,​E,​S>

    • Method Detail

      • isInternalStashEmpty

        boolean isInternalStashEmpty()
      • isUnstashAllInProgress

        boolean isUnstashAllInProgress()
      • logUnstashAll

        void logUnstashAll()
      • stashInternal

        void stashInternal​(InternalProtocol msg)
        Stash a command to the internal stash buffer, which is used while waiting for persist to be completed.
        msg - (undocumented)
      • stashUser

        void stashUser​(InternalProtocol msg)
        Stash a command to the user stash buffer, which is used when Stash effect is used.
        msg - (undocumented)
      • tryUnstashOne

        Behavior<InternalProtocol> tryUnstashOne​(Behavior<InternalProtocol> behavior)
        tryUnstashOne is called at the end of processing each command or when persist is completed
        behavior - (undocumented)
      • unstashAll

        void unstashAll()
        Subsequent tryUnstashOne will drain the user stash buffer before using the internal stash buffer. It will unstash as many commands as are in the buffer when unstashAll was called, i.e. if subsequent commands stash more, those will not be unstashed until unstashAll is called again.