Class Registry.RegistryLogStrategy

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    public class Registry.RegistryLogStrategy
    extends OneForOneStrategy
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      • logFailure

        public void logFailure​(ActorContext context,
                               ActorRef child,
                               java.lang.Throwable cause,
                               SupervisorStrategy.Directive decision)
        Description copied from class: SupervisorStrategy
        Default logging of actor failures when SupervisorStrategy.loggingEnabled() is true. Escalate failures are not logged here, since they are supposed to be handled at a level higher up in the hierarchy. Resume failures are logged at Warning level. Stop and Restart failures are logged at Error level.
        logFailure in class SupervisorStrategy
        context - (undocumented)
        child - (undocumented)
        cause - (undocumented)
        decision - (undocumented)