Class ManualTime

  • public final class ManualTime
    extends java.lang.Object
    Advance the clock by the specified duration, executing all outstanding jobs on the calling thread before returning.

    We will not add a dilation factor to this amount, since the scheduler API also does not apply dilation. If you want the amount of time passed to be dilated, apply the dilation before passing the delay to this method.

    • Method Detail

      • config

        public static com.typesafe.config.Config config()
      • get

        public static <A> ManualTime get​(ActorSystem<A> system)
        Access the manual scheduler, note that you need to setup the actor system/testkit with config() for this to work.
        system - (undocumented)
      • expectNoMessageFor

        public void expectNoMessageFor​(java.time.Duration duration,
                                       TestProbe<?>... on)
      • timePasses

        public void timePasses​(java.time.Duration amount)
      • expectNoMessageFor

        public void expectNoMessageFor​(java.time.Duration duration,
                                       scala.collection.Seq<TestProbe<?>> on)