Class Foreach<T>

  extended by akka.dispatch.japi.UnitFunctionBridge<T>
      extended by akka.dispatch.Foreach<T>
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class Foreach<T>
extends japi.UnitFunctionBridge<T>

Callback for the Future.foreach operation that will be invoked if the Future that this callback is registered on becomes completed with a success. This method is essentially the same operation as onSuccess.

SAM (Single Abstract Method) class Java API

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  void each(T result)
          This method will be invoked once when/if a Future that this callback is registered on becomes successfully completed
 void internal(T t)
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Constructor Detail


public Foreach()
Method Detail


public final void internal(T t)
internal in class japi.UnitFunctionBridge<T>


public abstract void each(T result)
This method will be invoked once when/if a Future that this callback is registered on becomes successfully completed