Interface ActorLogging

All Known Subinterfaces:
FSM<S,D>, LoggingFSM<S,D>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ClusterClient, ClusterReceptionist, ClusterSingletonManager, DistributedPubSubMediator, Inbox.InboxActor, IOManagerActor, Main.Terminator, ReliableProxy, ReliableProxy.Receiver, TimerBasedThrottler

public interface ActorLogging

Scala API: Mix in ActorLogging into your Actor to easily obtain a reference to a logger, which is available under the name "log".

 class MyActor extends Actor with ActorLogging {
   def receive = {
     case "pigdog" => log.info("We've got yet another pigdog on our hands")

Method Summary
 LoggingAdapter log()

Method Detail


LoggingAdapter log()