Class LowerPriorityRouteResultImplicits

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    public abstract class LowerPriorityRouteResultImplicits
    extends java.lang.Object
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      • LowerPriorityRouteResultImplicits

        public LowerPriorityRouteResultImplicits()
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      • routeToFlowViaMaterializer

        public<HttpRequest,​HttpResponse,​akka.NotUsed> routeToFlowViaMaterializer​(scala.Function1<RequestContext,​scala.concurrent.Future<RouteResult>> route,
        make an ActorSystem available implicitly instead. Since 10.2.0.
        Turns a Route into a server flow.

        This implicit conversion is defined here because Route is an alias for RequestContext => Future[RouteResult], and the fact that RouteResult is in that type means this implicit conversion come into scope whereever a Route is given but a Flow is expected.

        route - (undocumented)
        materializer - (undocumented)