Interface Multipart

    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes 
      Modifier and Type Interface Description
      static interface  Multipart.BodyPart  
      static interface  Multipart.ByteRanges
      Model for `multipart/byteranges` content as defined by and
      static interface  Multipart.FormData
      Model for `multipart/form-data` content as defined in
      static interface  Multipart.General
      Basic model for multipart content as defined by
      static interface  Multipart.Strict  
    • Method Detail

      • getParts<? extends Multipart.BodyPart,​java.lang.Object> getParts()
      • toStrict

        java.util.concurrent.CompletionStage<? extends Multipart.Strict> toStrict​(long timeoutMillis,
        Converts this content into its strict counterpart. The given `timeout` denotes the max time that an individual part must be read in. The CompletionStage is failed with an TimeoutException if one part isn't read completely after the given timeout.
      • toEntity

        RequestEntity toEntity​(java.lang.String boundary)
        Creates an entity from this multipart object using the specified boundary.
      • toEntity

        RequestEntity toEntity()
        Creates an entity from this multipart object using a random boundary.