Class PartialApplication

  • public class PartialApplication
    extends java.lang.Object
    Contains helpful methods to partially apply Functions for Java
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      static <A,​B,​R>
      bindParameter​(java.util.function.BiFunction<A,​B,​R> f, A a)
      It partially applies function A.
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      • PartialApplication

        public PartialApplication()
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      • bindParameter

        public static <A,​B,​R> java.util.function.Function<B,​R> bindParameter​(java.util.function.BiFunction<A,​B,​R> f,
                                                                                               A a)
        It partially applies function A. In other words, it converts a 2 argument function to a 1 argument function by binding the first argument to a. Here you can see an example:
         {@code BiFunction<Int, Int, Int> adder = (x, y) -> x + y;
           Function<Int, Int> add5 = bindParameter(adder, 5);
        f - the function to partially apply
        a - the first parameter to partially apply
        the function partially applied