Class ByteStringParserInput

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    public final class ByteStringParserInput
    extends akka.parboiled2.ParserInput.DefaultParserInput
    ParserInput reading directly off a ByteString. (Based on the ByteArrayBasedParserInput) This avoids a separate decoding step but assumes that each byte represents exactly one character, which is encoded by ISO-8859-1! You can therefore use this ParserInput type only if you know that all input will be ISO-8859-1-encoded, or only contains 7-bit ASCII characters (which is a subset of ISO-8859-1)!

    Note that this ParserInput type will NOT work with general UTF-8-encoded input as this can contain character representations spanning multiple bytes. However, if you know that your input will only ever contain 7-bit ASCII characters (0x00-0x7F) then UTF-8 is fine, since the first 127 UTF-8 characters are encoded with only one byte that is identical to 7-bit ASCII and ISO-8859-1.

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        akka.parboiled2.ParserInput.ByteArrayBasedParserInput, akka.parboiled2.ParserInput.ByteArrayBasedParserInput$, akka.parboiled2.ParserInput.CharArrayBasedParserInput, akka.parboiled2.ParserInput.CharArrayBasedParserInput$, akka.parboiled2.ParserInput.DefaultParserInput, akka.parboiled2.ParserInput.StringBasedParserInput
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      Constructor Description
      ByteStringParserInput​(akka.util.ByteString bytes)  
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      char charAt​(int ix)  
      int length()  
      char[] sliceCharArray​(int start, int end)  
      java.lang.String sliceString​(int start, int end)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ByteStringParserInput

        public ByteStringParserInput​(akka.util.ByteString bytes)
    • Method Detail

      • charAt

        public char charAt​(int ix)
      • length

        public int length()
      • sliceCharArray

        public char[] sliceCharArray​(int start,
                                     int end)
      • sliceString

        public java.lang.String sliceString​(int start,
                                            int end)