Class MasterServerTerminator

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    public final class MasterServerTerminator
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ServerTerminator
    INTERNAL API: Collects signals from per-connection terminators and manages the termination process kickoff
    • Constructor Detail

      • MasterServerTerminator

        public MasterServerTerminator​(akka.event.LoggingAdapter log)
    • Method Detail

      • registerConnection

        public boolean registerConnection​(ServerTerminator terminator,
                                          scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext ec)
        Registers an per-connection terminator. Once the master terminator gets the termination signal, it will delegate the signal to all registered terminators (existing connections).

        terminator - (undocumented)
        ec - (undocumented)
        true if registered successfully and not terminating, false if termination in-flight (and the terminators terminate() will be invoked in that case automatically)
      • removeConnection

        public void removeConnection​(ServerTerminator terminator)
        Removes a previously registered per-connection terminator. Terminators must remove themselves like this once their respective connection is closed, otherwise they would leak and remain in the set indefinitely.

        terminator - (undocumented)
      • terminate

        public scala.concurrent.Future<Http.HttpTerminated> terminate​(scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration timeout,
                                                                      scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext ex)
        Description copied from interface: ServerTerminator
        Initiate the termination sequence of this server.
        Specified by:
        terminate in interface ServerTerminator
        timeout - (undocumented)
        ex - (undocumented)