Interface Http2MultiplexerSupport

  • public interface Http2MultiplexerSupport

    Multiplexes the outgoing side of the streams on a HTTP/2 connection. Accepts the streams from the Akka HTTP side and turns them into FrameEvents to be passed to the network side.

    The main interface between stream handling and multiplexing is this:

    - stream handling can call enqueueOutStream if a stream wants to send a data frame - if there's connection window and the network pulls and there are no control frames to send, the multiplexer state machine calls sendDataFrame here. This calls pullNextFrame to get the next frame and more info about what the state of the stream is afterwards. - stream handling can call closeStream to remove a potentially enqueued stream

    Mixed into the Http2ServerDemux graph logic.

    • Method Detail

      • allowReadingIncomingFrames

        void allowReadingIncomingFrames​(boolean allow)
        Allows suspending reading of frames incoming from the network
      • distributeWindowDeltaToAllStreams

        void distributeWindowDeltaToAllStreams​(int delta)
        Called by the multiplexer after SETTINGS_INITIAL_WINDOW_SIZE has changed
      • frameOutFinished

        void frameOutFinished()
        Called by the multiplexer before canceling the stage on outlet cancellation
      • isServer

        boolean isServer()
      • onAllDataFlushed

        void onAllDataFlushed()
      • pullNextFrame

        PullFrameResult pullNextFrame​(int streamId,
                                      int maxSize)
        Called by the multiplexer when ready to send a data frame
      • pushFrameOut

        void pushFrameOut​(FrameEvent event)