Class HttpCharset

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public abstract class HttpCharset extends Object
Represents a charset in Http. See HttpCharsets for a set of predefined charsets and static constructors to create custom charsets.
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  • Constructor Details

    • HttpCharset

      public HttpCharset()
  • Method Details

    • value

      public abstract String value()
      Returns the name of this charset.
    • toRange

      public HttpCharsetRange toRange()
      Creates a range from this charset with qValue = 1.
    • toRange

      public HttpCharsetRange toRange(float qValue)
      Creates a range from this charset with the given qValue.
    • withQValue

      public abstract HttpCharsetRange withQValue(float qValue)
      An alias for toRange(float).
    • getAliases

      public abstract Iterable<String> getAliases()
      Returns the predefined alias names for this charset.
    • nioCharset

      public abstract Charset nioCharset()
      Returns the Charset for this charset if available or throws an exception otherwise.