Class UpgradeToWebSocketLowLevel

All Implemented Interfaces:
Renderable, ToStringRenderable, UpgradeToWebSocket, WebSocketUpgrade, UpgradeToWebSocket, WebSocketUpgrade

public abstract class UpgradeToWebSocketLowLevel extends InternalCustomHeader implements UpgradeToWebSocket, WebSocketUpgrade
Currently internal API to handle FrameEvents directly.


  • Constructor Details

    • UpgradeToWebSocketLowLevel

      public UpgradeToWebSocketLowLevel()
  • Method Details

    • handleFrames

      public abstract HttpResponse handleFrames(<<FrameEvent,FrameEvent>,Object> handlerFlow, scala.Option<String> subprotocol)
      The low-level interface to create WebSocket server based on "frames". The user needs to handle control frames manually in this case.

      Returns a response to return in a request handler that will signal the low-level HTTP implementation to upgrade the connection to WebSocket and use the supplied handler to handle incoming WebSocket frames.

      INTERNAL API (for now)

      handlerFlow - (undocumented)
      subprotocol - (undocumented)