Class Unmarshaller.EnhancedFromEntityUnmarshaller<A>

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class Unmarshaller.EnhancedFromEntityUnmarshaller<A>
    extends scala.AnyVal
    • Constructor Detail

      • EnhancedFromEntityUnmarshaller

        public EnhancedFromEntityUnmarshaller​(Unmarshaller<HttpEntity,​A> underlying)
    • Method Detail

      • forContentTypes

        public Unmarshaller<HttpEntity,​A> forContentTypes​(scala.collection.immutable.Seq<ContentTypeRange> ranges)
        Modifies the underlying Unmarshaller to only accept Content-Types matching one of the given ranges. Note that you can only restrict to a subset of the Content-Types accepted by the underlying unmarshaller, i.e. the given ranges must be completely supported also by the underlying Unmarshaller! If a violation of this rule is detected at runtime, i.e. if an entity is encountered whose Content-Type is matched by one of the given ranges but rejected by the underlying unmarshaller an IllegalStateException will be thrown!
        ranges - (undocumented)